Saturday, April 18, 2015

Urgency Ordinance Timeline

In light of the current police actions against the homeless in Humboldt County, which has involved some confusing statements by the police and others in authority, we are posting this photographic timeline of the events of the dismantling of the Occupy Protest in Eureka. The timeline reveals patterns of deception, confusing language from the County and the City, and outright violations of Civil Rights, all culminating with the infamous Urgency Ordinance. It might be the right thing to do, to compare these two municipal actions. Created by Janelle Egger.

J. Decker photo
October 8, 2011-
People began to gather.
Oct 18- Open letter emailed to County: “Occupy Eureka… has been and will continue to exercise its rights of expression and assembly. We appreciate your continued respect…”
Oct 20- County received letter that requested the county allow Occupy Eureka to install a portable toilet.
Oct 25- Letter from County Administrative Officer, “We request that you immediately take down the tents and cease camping.”
Oct 28, 2011- New sign

J. Decker photo
Oct. 31, 2011- 4 pm email from CAO, “Supervisors: There will be NO movement against the Occupy Eureka camp this evening. I can provide details in person, this afternoon or tomorrow.”

J. Decker photo
Nov 2- Email: “The County is requesting that the Eureka Police Department enforce Eureka Municipal Code (and applicable Penal Code sections) related to camping…”
Nov 7, 2011 -

Screenshot from KIEM’s
Early Morning Raid”

Humboldt County photo

Nov 14, 2011- disassembled again in early morning

Mark Sailors photo
Nov 15- EPD memo states “Occupy Eureka may erect one (1) temporary shelter in a pre-designated area…must be of the type referred to as a pop-up canopy.” This was “contingent upon… strict adherence” with ten “non-negotiable conditions.”
Nov 17- Email from County Adm. Officer, “We are getting multiple requests from Occupy groups…”
- Response from Sheriff Downey, “…we do not wish to go down the path of allowing them to return... Stay the course.”
Nov 30, 2011- about 2pm

J. Decker photo
Nov 30, 2011- about 4pm

J. Egger photo
Dec 2- County posted memo from Risk Management placing restrictions on protest activities, including no camping, no structures, and no attaching objects to County property.
Dec 17, 2011- 3pm, new kiosk canopy

N. Wade photo
Dec. 17- 
silent visitors
9:30pm, signs taken
11:30pm, end of last shelter

J. Egger photo

Dec 27, 2011-

 Screenshot from J. Decker video
Feb 3, 2012
Guarding the fence from signs

J. Decker photo
Feb 5- District Attorney met with six people affiliated with Occupy; agreed to review Penal Code regarding signs.
Feb 13- Chief Harpham, email: “Eureka Police Officers will no longer enforce Penal Code section 602(f) at the Court House (attaching signs to the fence…)” States that they will continue to respond to all complaints.
March 6- District Attorney released Prosecution Guidelines, which state that until there is case law that applies, Penal Code 602(f) should not be charged for affixing signs associated with the freedom of speech, assembly and petition.
March 8- Sheriff email: “…suspending all efforts to do anything with the continued assault on the courthouse… due to DA action.” Later tells reporter, “The public needs to give direction to the Board of Supervisors.”
March 20- Board of Supervisors directed County Counsel to “generate language for an alternative interim ordinance dealing with health and safety issues associated with activities on Courthouse Property.”
March 21, 2012-

J. Egger photo   
March 27- Board of Supervisors passed "Urgency Ordinance" immediately adding Chapter 2.5 to the Humboldt County Code. It includes restrictions on signs, shelter, food, tables and other personal property, and presence in front of the Courthouse.
March 28, 2012-
New codes enforced.

Andrew Goff photo

J. Egger photo