Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Redwood ACLU Nominating Committee Meeting Fri Aug 29 Noon

The Nominating Committee of the Redwood Chapter, ACLU will meet on Friday, August 29th at 12:00 at our offices at 917 Third Street, Suite Q, Eureka.

The task of the committee is to set a date for the Annual Meeting of the Redwood Chapter, to produce a slate of candidates for election or re-election to the Board of Directors for the chapter, and to review nominees for the Patriot Award, which will be put to a final vote of the board next month.

The current members of the nominating committee include three currently serving Boardmembers (Christina Allbright, Charles Douglas and Maria Hershey), plus two ACLU members-at-large who are not on the Board (Xandra Manns, Jamie Rose). All ACLU members in good standing are welcome to attend and deliver their input as well.

For more information, write back to this address or call the Redwood ACLU Hotline at 707-442-4419.

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